SLICE-ing DeFi

The Tranche Finance, $SLICE token, has been deployed and delivered to the community and will soon be ready to be used in the Tranche protocol.

The $JNT->$SLICE conversion is complete, to view your tokens in your ETH wallet, please add the following contract address as a custom token:Tranche Finance (SLICE): 0x0aee8703d34dd9ae107386d3eff22ae75dd616d1* For adding a custom token on MetaMask please follow this tutorial.

Tranche DAO

  1. Tranche Treasury: Protocol’s fee collector and distributor. The Treasury allows $SLICE to act like a decentralized crypto-capital asset. Platform generated fees are directed to the Treasury.
  2. SLICE Community: Token holders, community members, and users of the Tranche protocol. Token holders vote on protocol parameter setting, including fees collected and rewards distributed by the Tranche Treasury.
  3. Governance Module: The voting mechanism on the tranche Protocol. This allows $SLICE holders to propose and vote on Tranche Improvement Proposals (TRIPs).
  4. Backstop Module: The lender of last resort on the Tranche Protocol. The backstop module provides funds to cover any deficit incurred in extraordinary circumstances, while simultaneously allowing SLICE holders to provide liquidity and earn rewards.
  5. Core Tranche Contributors: The core team behind the development of the Tranche protocol and $SLICE token. The team is responsible for implementing successful community proposals.

A TRIP down SLICE lane

What will the first proposal be?

STAKING SLICE into consideration

Who wants a SLICE?

Thank you for your continued support! Get involved with governing the new Tranche protocol!



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