Jibrel Project Update: Q4 2020

Moving from Test-net to Main-net

4 min readJan 8, 2021

At the end of Q3 / start of Q4, we successfully launched the tranche.finance platform on the Kovan test net. During Q4 2020, our primary focus was gearing towards a main net launch in Q1 2021. Our main focus remains on delivering and decentralizing the Tranche.Finance platform.

Tranche is a decentralized peer-to-peer lending and securitization platform. Users can borrow and lend directly to one-another, as well as sell loans to the platform to create tranches with different risk profiles.

Token Conversion

If you’ve been following the conversation on Discord or have used the Tranche testnet, you’ve been made aware of the upcoming JNT to SLICE conversion. If you’re looking for information on the token swap, you can read about it here.

Overall Trends

As we kick-off 2021, we’d like to highlight some important trends that have emerged over the last year and which we believe will be defining for cryptocurrencies in 2021 and beyond, as well as what Jibrel is building to capitalize on these trends.

General Goals & Objectives

Our goals and objectives for the coming year remain unchanged -

  1. Build and release a DeFi governance token (Improve token utility, liquidity and sentiment)
  2. Simplify product offering (Consolidate token offering, develop full tokenization capabilities)

A1. Improve Token Utility

Tranche has launched! You can test out the new platform on the Kovan Testnet by visiting tranche.finance. Tranche is a peer-to-peer lending platform. Users can request loans using ETH or SLICE as collateral, and receive stable coins provided by other users. Loans can also be sold to the protocol to create Tranche tokens, with different risk and payment profiles.

While SLICE can be used as collateral on the platform, its primary utility is governance. Holders are entitled to excess value generated by the protocol, and control parameter and project setting through Major and Minor Tranche Improvement Proposals (TRIPs).

Governance is currently set-up using snapshot. Post token conversion, SLICE holders will be able to propose and vote on Tranche’s snapshot.page.

A2. Improve Token Liquidity

To improve token liquidity upon conversion, the team is in the process of setting up Uniswap, Balancer and other pools to ensure seamless conversion in and out of SLICE.

Liquidity is a second order priority, with most efforts currently focused on the token conversion, and utility build-out (protocol mainnet launch).

A3. Improve Token Sentiment

Finally, with a new token in which we have built-out governance capabilities and utility from day 1, we see a clear path towards overall token sentiment improvement. Similar to liquidity, this is currently a second order priority.

B1. Consolidate Product Offering

In an effort to narrow our focus, Jibrel has focused on our DeFi platform tranche and our asset tokenization platform.

We’ve redesigned the jibrel.network website to reflect this change in focus.

B2. Develop Full Tokenization Capabilities

We believe there is an increasing trend in bridging centralized finance (real world assets) with decentralized protocols, which will bring about a wide-range of new exotic asset classes and derivatives. Within the next few years, we expect to see new types of mortgages, personal loans and debt issuance with more nuanced payment profiles, settled and cleared on Ethereum.

After our successful tests of startup equity tokenization, over the next year, we will attempt to use the Tokenize / SPV structure to introduce new assets.


Thank you for your continued support! Get involved with governing the new Tranche protocol!

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