Jibrel Project Update: Q3 2020

Gearing up for the upcoming platform launch

During Q3, we worked on the six core objectives outlined for the company. We’ve made significant strides over five of the objectives and ultimately discontinued one.

A1. Improve Token Utility

Tranche aims to allow users to borrow and lend to the protocol in a decentralized way. In addition, users will be able to work with loans in a way previously unimaginable in DeFi. Finally, users will be able to participate in the broader ecosystem through token governance by proposing and voting on changes to the system.

A2. Improve Token Liquidity

A3. Improve Token Sentiment

We’re looking forward to launching the platform, which should happen within the next few weeks. The platform will incorporate 3 out of the 4 target features — Borrow, Earn, and Tokenize.

B1. Consolidate Product Offering

B2. Become A Leading Crypto-Wallet

B3. Develop Full Tokenization Capabilities

Heading into Q4 the objectives remain largely the same, with more focus on becoming a leading crypto-currency. With less products to work on, and a consolidated offering, we believe we can begin turning the dials on the metrics that matter most for the community, namely token adoption.

We’re really excited to launch the platform.

Thank you to the Jibrel Community for your continued support!

Jibrel provides tokenized financial assets such as equities, currencies, commodities and bonds, on the Ethereum blockchain. https://jibrel.network

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