Jibrel Project Update: Q2 2020

Q3 2020 Objectives

Jibrel Objectives — High-level Categories — Scores indicate percentage completion (out of 1)

Target A1.1 — Launch 3 out of 4 DeFi platform features





Target A3.1 — Obtain A-Grade on FCAS Rating

User Activity

Developer Behavior

Market Maturity

Target B1 — Consolidate Product Offering — Sites / Jcash, etc.




What to look forward to over Q3 2020

  • Launch of 3 out of 4 DeFi features (Borrow, Earn, Tokenize, Trade)
  • Relaunch of Jcash as a simple fiat-ramp (JEUR:EUR)
  • Improvement in JNT Utility, Liquidity and Sentiment (FCAS Rating)
  • Jwallet improvements (WalletConnect integration and more)

Thank you to the Jibrel Community for your continued support!



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