Jibrel: May Update

Overall Project Status

Jibrel Platform

Using Jibrel.com’s SPV structure — Jibrel should be able to tokenize any asset

‘Tokenize’ will become a feature on Jibrel’s DeFi platform rather than a standalone product.

Jibrel Wallet

Other Development Activity

Human Resources


  1. We’ll be releasing quarterly roadmaps with specific deliverables that the community can track starting in July (Q3)
  2. Jibrel is moving the startup tokenization process to facilitate other assets to be tokenized using the same model used for startups
  3. Jwallet clean-up (move to AlchemyAPI) is nearing completion / next steps will include additional integrations
  4. Jibrel Platform is being more generalized and will include other DeFi features (borrow, lend) which will be the foundation of additional JNT utility
  5. Jibrel is looking for a mid-level full-stack developer



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