The Tranche protocol’s staking module is live! Head over to the Tranche app and start staking your SLICE or SLICE-LP tokens to support the ecosystem and earn rewards.

Starting March 20th, anyone will be able to deposit their SLICE and SLICE-LP tokens to claim staking rewards. The first epoch will begin on March 20, 2021 2:00:10 PM (UTC+04:00) and reward distribution will happen on a weekly epoch basis. For each asset, there will be a unique staking pool with varying rewards (Variable APY). The return on staked tokens will be dependent on:

1- The amount of individual staked tokens

2- The amount of total staked tokens in the pool

3- The time that tokens remain locked in the pool

To participate, you would simply need to deposit your…

The Tranche Finance, $SLICE token, has been deployed and delivered to the community and will soon be ready to be used in the Tranche protocol.

The $JNT->$SLICE conversion is complete, to view your tokens in your ETH wallet, please add the following contract address as a custom token:Tranche Finance (SLICE): 0x0aee8703d34dd9ae107386d3eff22ae75dd616d1* For adding a custom token on MetaMask please follow this tutorial.

Tranche is a decentralized protocol for managing risk that allows you to invest in leading DeFi protocols at your preferred risk level. For any yield-generating asset in the DeFi realm, Tranche could deploy two assets: Tranche A, fixed-rate tokens, and Tranche B variable-rate tokens.

Introducing SLICE, a decentralized governance token, specific to the Tranche ecosystem.


In line with our continuous efforts to move towards decentralized governance for token holders, Jibrel Network Token (JNT) will be replaced by Tranche Token (SLICE).

On February 28th, 2021, JNT holders will be airdropped SLICE tokens at a ratio of 10:1. JNT holders do not need to perform any action to receive SLICE. After the airdrop, JNT will be paused and users will not be able to transact using it.

JNT Contract Address: 0xa5fd1a791c4dfcaacc963d4f73c6ae5824149ea7

SLICE Contract: 0x0AeE8703D34DD9aE107386d3eFF22AE75Dd616D1

SLICE Source Code:

If you are still holding JNT on HitBTC or Bibox(or any other centralized exchange), please move your tokens out…

HitBTC and Bibox will not be supporting the upcoming JNT to SLICE migration. Please move your tokens to either, Bittrex, or your personal Ethereum address.


The token migration is planned to take place in February. Some holders still have their tokens in Bibox and HitBTC, both exchanges that will not support the migration. We urge all holders who still have JNT in those exchanges to remove them as soon as possible to either Gate, Bittrex, or your personal Ethereum address.

After moving your tokens, you do not need to take any additional steps, and you will receive SLICE tokens. Please note that you will receive 1 SLICE for every 10 JNT. You can learn all the details about the token migration here.


HitBTC will not…

Moving from Test-net to Main-net

At the end of Q3 / start of Q4, we successfully launched the platform on the Kovan test net. During Q4 2020, our primary focus was gearing towards a main net launch in Q1 2021. Our main focus remains on delivering and decentralizing the Tranche.Finance platform.

Tranche is a decentralized peer-to-peer lending and securitization platform. Users can borrow and lend directly to one-another, as well as sell loans to the platform to create tranches with different risk profiles.

Token Conversion

If you’ve been following the conversation on Discord or have used the Tranche testnet, you’ve been made aware of the upcoming…

Please perform the necessary steps to back up your private phrase and import your phrase to a new wallet provider, detailed instructions are found in the end of this article.

The iOS, Android, and Web versions of the Jibrel wallet will be discontinued by Jan 30th, 2021. While the wallet as been instrumental in external projects such as the Digital Banking pilot with the Central Bank of Jordan, the wallets have not experienced significant adoption among the Jibrel community. Furthermore, Jibrel will be utilizing widely adopted wallets that have direct integration with the Tranche protocol. The Jibrel team is ending support for Jwallet in order to focus more time and resources on the Tranche protocol.

Jwallet Highlights

To date, the Jibrel wallet has seen a total of over 125,000 downloads / registrations…

Gearing up for the upcoming platform launch

During Q3, we worked on the six core objectives outlined for the company. We’ve made significant strides over five of the objectives and ultimately discontinued one.

A1. Improve Token Utility

The only way to address this is by releasing a dApp. In Q3, the team worked on developing a decentralized finance (DeFi) solution called “Tranche”.

Tranche aims to allow users to borrow and lend to the protocol in a decentralized way. In addition, users will be able to work with loans in a way previously unimaginable in DeFi. …

Moving to objective-driven community updates

With a much smaller team, updates are going to be lighter but much more focused. These quarterly posts will provide updates on the metrics, targets, and objectives, as well as set targets for the upcoming quarter. We’ll use Telegram to discuss updates and synthesize community feedback into future targets.

Q3 2020 Objectives

We’ve set high-level objectives for Jibrel as a project, and have broken it down into smaller components and subsequently tasks. We’ll be discussing these objectives directly with our community, and hope to leverage the wider Jibrel team in achieving them.

Our internal objective list is much more granular, if you’re interested…

Monthly Project Update —May 2020

Our current priorities are as follows: (1) Releasing additional / adopted JNT utility before the end of Q3 2020 (2) Re-building the Jibrel community (3) Restructuring the project to ensure cost efficiency / faster product delivery

Overall Project Status

Jibrel continues to clean-up its tech stack as well as its development processes. In the last update, Jibrel set the target of Becoming a Leading Cryptocurrency. Externally, we’ve defined that as becoming a Top-100 Token by the end of the year. Internally, we’ve broken that down into improving utility, liquidity, and ratings, with initiatives on delivering uplifts across each defined. Specific preliminary targets for…

Monthly Project Update —April 2020

As global business activity came to a halt, April provided Jibrel with the opportunity to restructure and focus on its priority, Jibrel Network Token (JNT).

Becoming a leading cryptocurrency will be the absolute focus for 2020. With CoinMarketCap Rankings acting as the company’s ultimate KPI.

While Jibrel has worked on a wide range of initiatives and Pilots in the past — its core focus going forward will be Jibrel Network Token (JNT)

Overall Project Status — Focusing on JNT

In March, Jibrel announced that it would be downsizing its team to 10–15 project contributors. While absolutely necessary, abruptly going from a team of over 45 project team members across numerous locations to only 11 members, concentrated in 2 offices, was never going to be easy and has proven to be mentally and physically challenging.


Jibrel provides tokenized financial assets such as equities, currencies, commodities and bonds, on the Ethereum blockchain.

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